GR 1034 is a self-crosslinking acrylic emulsion designed for use in textiles. Formulated to impart a soft, flexible handle while retaining good film strength, GR 1034 is resistant to washing and dry cleaning. It contributes resilience, drape and fabric softness to non-woven fabrics and is non-yellowing.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky White Liquid
Solids Content: 45 – 46%
pH: 4.5 – 5.5
Viscosity, Brookfield: 25 – 500 cPs
TG: -25°C
Emulsifying System: Anionic


GR 1034 is used as an adhesive for bonding various woven and non-woven fabrics when a soft handle is required. The emulsion can be applied by conventional padding, spray systems, print bonding, foam coating and single or double screen conveyor/suction systems. GR 1034 has also been used as a print paste binder.

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