GR 1077 is a styrene acrylic coploymer emulsion. Its hardness coupled with its fine particle size makes it an ideal binder for medium to high PVC paints.Recommended coalescents are texanol/Ucar filmer IBT and high aromatic white spirits at levels of 7 – 10% on binder solids.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky White Liquid
Solids Content: 45 – 46%
pH: 8 – 9
Viscosity, Brookfield: 500 – 2 000 cPs
Specific Gravity: 1.03
MFT: ±18°C
Average Particle Size: 0.12 – 0.15
Dried Film: Clear /Hard


GR 1077 is an excellent binder for medium to high PVC paint impartingvery good scrubs resistance properties.GR 1077 is used in Fillercoats, Contractors PVA, General Purpose PVA and Good Quality interior/Exterior PVA’s.

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