GR 1169 is a high-solids aqueous emulsion of an acrylic copolymer having good surface tack, high peel and shear strengths.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Off-white liquid
Solids Content: 68 – 70%
Viscosity, Brookfield: 400 – 2 000 cPs
pH: 3.5 – 6
Stabilizer: Surfactant
Film Properties: Clear, tacky, flexible
TG: ca – 40°C
Peel Strength: 10 – 15N/ 25mm
Shear Strength: >24  hours
Rolling Ball Tack: 25cm max

Tests conducted in accordance to PSTC Test Methods on Litho 80 paper coated with 22 gms of GR1169.


GR 1169 is used in the manufacture of pressure sensitive adhesives. These adhesives have good adhesion in rigid and plasticized PVC films, polyethylene and polyester films.
GR 1169 can be modified with other acrylic dispersions and rosins or rosin esters for the manufacture of specialized pressure sensitive adhesives.

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