Glosperse 5009 is the sodium salt of a low molecular weight polycarboxylate. Glosperse 5009 is used to improve the wetting and stability of inorganic pigments, fillers and stainers in aqueous systems. The superior action of Glosperse 5009 allows the formulator to increase the solid content of the aqueous mixes by effectively reducing the viscosity of the mixes. Glosperse 5009 can be used with and without synthetic latexes. Glosperse 5009 is compatible with most latexes, wetting agents, dispersants, coalescents, thickeners and biocides.
The inclusion of Glosperse 5009 in aqueous systems results in excellent storage stability, temperature stability and viscosity stability.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Clear to light straw liquid
Solids Content: 39 – 40%
pH: 8.0 – 9.0
Viscosity, Brookfield: 50 – 500 cPs
Specific Gravity: 1.28 – 1.32



Glosperse 5009 is used whenever one needs to disperse a powder in an aqueous system, for instance paints, adhesives, paper coatings, carpet backings etc.

Glosperse 5009 is effective over all PVC’s from gloss systems to high extender loaded systems. Glosperse 5009 is also used in glycol based universal stainers.

Glosperse 5009 is used at levels of 0.1 – 0.5% active dispersant on powders. However, it is best to establish the correct usage levels for specific requirements by determining the flow point. (A test method to determine the flow point is available on request from our Technical Service Department) Glosperse 5009 is used as supplied in the grind stage and is best added prior to the addition of pigments and extenders. This gives maximum dispersion of pigments and good colour development.


Glosperse 5009 is used as a deflocculant in the ceramic industry, eg, in ferrite production, automobile spark plugs, industrial ceramics and refractories and sanitary ware.

Glosperse 5009 offers many benefits to the primary manufacturers of clay products:

– contributes to structural strength to ceramic products;

– increases mold usage by reducing pore blockage;

– increases viscosity stability;

– increases the rate of water removal from casting mold-improving plant output

Dosage levels vary from 0.05% to 0.35% dry de-flocculant on clay.

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