GR1106 is an aqueous crosslinkable, polyvinyl acetate copolymer emulsion. It is a medium viscosity, fast setting emulsion. It is especially recommended for one component water resistant adhesives complying with EN204 class D3.

Typical Properties

Appearance: Milky White Liquid
Solids Content: 48 – 50%
pH: 2 – 4
Viscosity, Brookfield: 8 000 – 14 000 cPs
MFT: ±3°C
Stabiliser: Colloid
Film Characterisitics: Clear, tough
Specific Gravity: 1.07


GR1106 can be used as a water resistant Wood Glue which complies with the requirements of EN204/EN 205 Class D3. Bond strength development is rapid. It can be used for the manufacture of adhesives for hot pressing applications.
Cross-linked with a suitable polyisocyanate resin, GR1106 can be used to manufacture water-resistant two-component wood glues to satisfy the requirements of EN 204 Class D4.
GR1106 can also be used in the manufacture of paper and packaging adhesives. It can be easily compounded with commonly used plasticizers, solvents, thickeners and fillers.

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