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Crisplot Chemicals supplies a wide range of solvents for the paint, adhesives, agricultural and other industries.

Acetone210 LitreUsed to remove oils, dirt and dust from
• Commercial Tape, Record/Players
• Industrial Tape, Record/Players
• Compact disk laser readers
• Electronic contacts
• Tools
• Electronic devices
• Hard surfaces
Alcohol solvent210 LitreUsed to remove oils, dirt and dust from
• Commercial Tape, Record/Players
• Industrial Tape, Record/Players
• Compact disk laser readers
• Electronic contacts
• Tools
• Electronic devices
• Hard surfaces
Basecoat Thinners210 Litre
Benzine210 Litre• In adhesives where the drying rate needs to be slower than that of hexane.
• For domestic & industrial cleaning
• A diluent in paints, lacquers & inks.
• In the rubber industry , as a solvent0
Coloured meths210 Litre• Liquid fuel for burners and stoves.
• General purpose cleaner and degreaser.
• Methanol free.
DEG (Di-Ethylene Glycol)230 Kg• unsaturated polyester resins
• polyester polyols
• lubricant and coupling agents
• plasticizers
• humectants and dehydrating agents
• solvents
Dowanol PM210 Litre• Active solvent for solvent-based coatings.
• Active and tail solvent for solvent based gravure and flexographic printing inks.
• Coupling agent in solvent blends for water-based gravure, flexographic, and silk screen printing inks.
• Carrier solvent for ball point and felt tip writing pen inks.
• Coupling agent and solvent for household and industrial cleaners, rust removers, and hard surface cleaners.
• Solvent for agricultural pesticides, deactivator and emollient for livestock pesticides.
Enamel Thinners210 Litre• Solvent blend used to dilute and thin alkyd QD enamels.
• Cleaning of brushes and paint
• Methanol free
Ethoxy Propanol185 Kg• Coatings
• Inks & Graphic Arts
• Packaging
• Printing solutions
Ethyl Acetate210 LitreSolvent in following applications due to its least toxicity, agreeable odour, high purity and cost efficiency:
• Flexible Packaging
• Ink, Adhesives and Coatings
• Pharmaceuticals
• Rubber and Polymers
• Flavours and Essences
• Decaffeinating of Tea and Coffee
• Nail polish remover
• Electronic chemical
Ethylol 95210 Litre• Toiletries
• Cosmetics
• Pharmaceutical processes
• Surgical procedures
• Aerosols
• Printing inks
Hexane210 Litre• Solvent to extract edible oils from seed and vegetable crops
• Solvents for glues (rubber cement, adhesives), varnishes, and inks
• Cleaning agent (degreaser) in the printing industry.
• Liquid in low temperature thermometers.
IPA (Pure)160 Kg• Cleaning contact connections such as on electrical devices
• Cleaning tape and disk heads
• Cleaning laser lenses
• Cleaning CPUs before applying thermal grease
• Cleaning mobile phones (smart phones, tablets)
• Cleaning LCD monitors (may damage some types of screens)
• Release agent for glues (for example, hot melt glue used in paintless dent removal)
Iso propylol210 LitreUsed to remove oils, dirt and dust from
• Commercial Tape, Record/Players
• Industrial Tape, Record/Players
• Compact disk laser readers
• Electronic contacts
• Tools
• Electronic devices
• Hard surfaces
Keresol 94/125210 Litre
Kogasin210 LitreSolvents, raw material for washing and cleaning agents
Lacquer Thinners 100210 LitreEconomical high gloss thinner
Lacquer Thinners 200210 LitreEconomical high gloss thinner
Lacquer Thinners Econo210 LitreEconomical high gloss thinner
Lacquer Thinners Methanol free210 LitreSolvent blend specially formulated for lacquer based paints
MEG (Mono-Ethyene Glycol)235 Kg• Polyester resins ( fibers, containers and films )
• Resin esters as plasticizers ( adhesives, lacquers and enamels )
• Alkyd-type resins ( synthetic rubbers, adhesives, surface coatings )
• Stabilizer against gel formation
• Freezing point depression
• Deicing fluids ( aircraft, runway )
• Heat transfer fluids ( gas compressors, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, process chillers )
• All-weather automotive antifreeze and coolants Water-based formulations ( adhesives, latex paints, asphalt emulsions )
• Medium for suspending conductive salt in electrolytic capacitors
• Textile fibers
• Paper
• Leather
• Adhesives
• Glue
MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)210 Litre• Aeronautical Industry.
• Paint thinner,
• Paint stripper
• Parts cleaning.
• Thinner of ethyl cellulose, acrylic, vinyl acetate chloride copolymers and epoxies
Methanol210 Litre• Production of:
o Heavy chemicals: formaldehyde, acetic acid, methyl tert-butylether
o hydrocarbons, olefins, gasoline
o Simple chemicals: methylamines, methyl halides, methyl ethers
• Gasoline additive
• Energy Carrier
• Fuel for fuels
Methylene Chloride270 KgSolvent used in adhesives, paint and coating products, pharmaceuticals, metal cleaning, chemical processing, and aerosols
MIBK210 Litre• Solvent for :
o high solids coatings
o traffic paints
o automotive coatings
o industrial maintenance coatings and marine coatings
o textile coatings
o leather finishes
o nitrocellulose lacquers
o acrylic and vinyl-acrylic resins for adhesives
o de-waxing mineral oil
• Extraction solvent for
o antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals
o metals separation
o tall oil soap purification
• Carrier solvent for pesticides
• Chemical intermediate
n Butanol210 Litre• Solvent for acid-curable lacquers & baking finishes derived from urea, melamine, or phenolic resins.
• Extractant in the production of drugs and natural substances such as antibiotics, hormones, vitamins, alkaloids and camphor.
• Additive in: polishes and cleaners, textile industry (spinning baths or carrier for colouring plastics), de-icing fluids, gasoline for spark-ignition engines (prevents carburetter icing).
• Mobile phase in paper and thin-layer chromatography.
• Humectant for cellulose nitrate.
• Feedstock for the production of glycol ethers
• Starting material for various butyl monocarboxylates.
• Feedstock for the production of flotation aids (e. g. butyl xanthate).
n Propanol210 Litre• Solvent for: Antiseptics, pharmaceutical preparations, drug synthesis, cosmetic preparations and flexographic ink.
• Feedstock for the manufacture of: Normal propyl amines, normal propyl paraben, normal propyl phthalate and normal propyl acetate.
n Propyl acetate 210 LitreUsed in printing inks industry for flexographic and special screen printing inks, used in fragrances and as a flavor additive
n-Butyl Acetate200 KgUsed in Coatings, Coatings for plastic, Nail care, Cosmetic / personal care solvent, Fragrance solvent , Extraction solvent , Leather industry, Pharmaceuticals
, Cleaners
Oxitol BE210 LitrePaint, Textile, Leather, Pesticides & Herbicides, Detergents
Pentylol210 Litre• Solvent in slow-drying latent solvent in lacquer thinners.
• Raw material for the manufacture of xanthates, other mining chemicals, insecticides, plasticisers and amyl acetate.
Perchloroethylene300 Kg• Dry cleaning and textile processing,
• Chemical intermediate,
• Vapor degreasing in metal-cleaning operations.
Propylene glycol215 KgBuilding block in unsaturated polyester resins. component in heat transfer liquids, de-icers for aircraft, grinding aids in cement industry, and intermediates for chemical products like propylene glycol based ethers, surfactants and plasticisers
PU Thinner210 Litre
Thinner Epoxy Thinners210 LitreFor Epoxy based enamels varnishes & full Epoxy system & floor coatings
Toluene210 Litre• A feedstock for a number of chemical syntheses including production of TDA, TDI, DNT, TNT, benzene and xylene.
• A component of solvents in paint and lacquer industry
• An octane enhancing component of gasoline.
Trichloroethylene290 Kg• Electroplating
• Integrated Iron and Steel Manufacturing
• Pulp and Paper Manufacture
• Rubber Manufacture
• Leather manufacture
• Metal Degreasing
• Machinery Manufacture and Repair
• Semiconductors
Trisol 200210 LitreIn aerosols, hand cleaners, polishes, degreasers, mining solvents, and applications where a high flash point is required
Trisol A210 LitreLacquers, enamels, inks, varnishes and swimming pool paint
Trisol AB210 LitreLacquers, enamels, inks, varnishes, and natural and synthetic resins, polyurethane adhesives, gums, and rubber, liquid inks, PVC cloth manufacture, and as a cleaning agent for metal surfaces. Refining and dewaxing of mineral and lubricant oils.
Trisol OD210 LitreIn aerosols, hand cleaners, polishes, degreasers, mining solvents and applications where high flash point is required.
White spirits210 LitreThinners for Paints, Driers, Alkyd Resins, Dry cleaning, Shoe and Floor Polishers and Ink Solvents
Xylene210 Litre• Adhesive
• Paint
• Rubber
• Electronics
• precursor to terephthalic acid and dimethyl terephthalate,
2K Thinners210 Litre
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